How to Control Flea and Tick Infestation in Dogs.

Dogs for most human being have been more than a friend, a companion that is fiercely loyal and with many abilities that make them worth having. It can get challenging for families when pets dogs are infested with fleas and ticks because most times these pests can spread to other areas of your home causing more harm. For this reason it is necessary to take the right steps towards preventing this problem before it turns into a hazard. So many products have been made for your pet’s medication but before purchase it is important to think about the following.
The type of breed your dog is, its age, the current health condition as well as considering its reaction to previously used medication. It is important to talk to your veterinarian so as to determine which medication to use because they understand your dog better. Some medical options are the ones that are applied to a dogs neck and left to dry for while. This work effectively as it instantly kills the fleas and ticks and can also act as a repellant preventing any more infestations.

Some people prefer to give their pets’ oral medication. Despite being really effective, oral medicine can only internally kill ticks and fleas stuck on the dogs body but it cannot repel them. Sometimes dogs can react to oral medications by getting stomach upsets that lead to diarrhea and vomiting therefore, you should watch them closely. Is therefore essential to look at the products and what it contains to make sure it positively work for your pet dog. Nowadays you can also buy collars made specifically for killing and repelling fleas and ticks on your dogs. Available also are sprays, powders and shampoos that are applied directly to a dogs body, this is short-term solutions and more will have to be done to prevent future recurrence of an infestation.

Apart from medication, there are other steps you can take towards making sure your dogs pest free. First is to keep you dogs away from areas with tall grass and bushes, this places are likely to be infested with fleas and ticks. Another measure it to treat your home and yard because an infestation will also most likely affect you and your family too. It is also important to check up on your dog each day to look out for anything that may need immediate attention.

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